What is Top of the Boat?

scallops on the boatWhy do you want the “top of the boat?”

Simply put, a top of the boat catch is the the last fish caught, and the first fish off the boat. In other words, the freshest you can get.

By providing our Cape Cod Fish share customers with the day boat  - the “top of the boat” – catch, more income can go to our local fishermen. The fishermen are paid a premium price for the top of the boat catch, so your support of this model is more sustainable for the future.

Why? Because of this fish share, the fishermen send less fish to the auction and make a better living. The prices fishermen get at auction are not guaranteed, and can fluctuate widely, sometimes making for a cold and dangerous trip that in the end, isn’t worth it.

Your fish is handled with such loving care! Visit our standards page here.

 Here’s a snippet of your fish’s journey from water to plate:
  • While waiting to be packed, the fish is stored in a fresh saltwater ice bath to preserve freshness, cold chain, and add a hint of flavor not found in mass market stores.
  • Fish is cleaned, filleted and skinned (if applicable), and portioned right at the fish pier and a HACCP certified facility in New Bedford.
  • Fish is then packed for ease of handling and freezing
  • Deliveries are made the same day the fish is packed, travelling in climate-controlled vans, in eco- and consumer-friendly packaging, ensuring the integrity of the cold chain is always intact.
  • Fish is ready to prepare when it reaches the consumer, and freezes extremely well, should you not be ready to use it right away.
  • We have grown quickly to include many boats from the area.  Fishing Vessels from Chatham, Provincetown, Hyannis, Martha’s Vineyard, New Bedford, Falmouth, Sandwich, Nantucket and Fairhaven