Our Standards

Our standards set us apart.

Gary filleting fish at the pier

The journey from the sea to your plate is short and quick. Freshness means minimal and careful handling. Freshness means minimal transport and immediate processing. Here is how this is achieved.

  • Fish comes directly from a boat, not an auction.
  • Complete traceability is provided of the fish’s journey from pier to plate.
  • Carefully handled in small batches, the fish is skinned, fileted, and portioned.
  • While waiting to be packed, if possible the fileted fish is placed in a fresh saltwater ice bath to preserve freshness and temperature. The saltwater adds a hint of flavor not found in mass market stores.

Variety and convenience are very important elements of the share.

  • Two filet sizes are offered, suitable for two or four servings.
  • The filets are packaged for ease of handling and easy freezing if desired
  • Common species are included with each share, so the customer will have fish with which they are familiar.
  • Uncommon and seasonal fish are included within each share for the consumer to try. Many of the species offered are not readily available elsewhere.
  • Eco- and consumer-friendly packaging is provided to preserve the cold chain and provide ease of delivery to the customer. This packing is reusable, and dishwasher safe for thorough cleaning
  • Shares run in 4-week cycles, and are offered 6 times per year. This ensures a wide variety of fish species for the shares.