Decorative Lava Lamp Ideas

Lava lamp is quite decorative to become home lighting that contains colored wax blobs inside of a glass vessel filled with translucent liquid. You can see that the wax inside rises and falls due to the density changes of heating from the light bulb incandescent. It is suggestive though, when it comes to appearance of the wax. There are options of styles and colors to choose from according to your personal taste. Lava lamps provide an elegant decorative accent in decorated homes tastefully like Europe and North America since the 18th century ago.

Lava Lamp

When electricity was introduced in the 1900’s with fine porcelain vases that hand painted and glazed, the lamps were converted into beautifully stunning and indeed colorful table lamps. They are ranging from 15″ to 32″ tall. You can browse one of the largest selections with authentic, classic, fine quality oriental lamps. The item has been discontinued with limited quantities that are available until stock runs out. Hand-craft with elegance by artisans in British, this beautifully amazing piece combines a glass vessel base with clear liquids.

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A steel frame with fabric shade completes the design. The glass colored lamp highly features a three-way light fixture which also includes a soft shade hand made. Lava table lamps can be amazing options to add into home office, bedside table and others. eBay is the right place to find the decorative lamps just at fair prices. Blue color is the most interesting ceramic design that can add colorful style to your home interiors. You can make it by yourself, though.

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